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Hi all...i've seen this done on other forums and thought it might be fun to have a thread going on here where us forum members can either list or show off some of the the cars they've owned before they found their way here...

Mine is varied but includes;

Vauxhall Cavalier - engine died
Rover 400 - everything died
Ford Focus - nice car, sold at 90k miles
Ford Cougar - US coupe, not the Kuga SUV
BMW 320si
BMW 320d
Deleted User 118

Fiat Punto - great car but after picking it up couldn't find reverse and got stuck in a cul de sac and had to ring the garage to rescue me!
Subaru Impreza - only a 1.6L but great all round visibility like a fighter cockpit.
Mazda 3 - current - Diesel, great range, one thing I'll really miss. For the longer trips I've done it saved 50% of my fuel costs compared to previous
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